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Topharman QC provides analytical supports for chemical synthesis, chemical process development and formulation development during the pharmaceutical development.

We deliver fast and reliable results and help our clients to achieve their goals in pharmaceutical discovery and registration.


Analytical services

l  Analytical method development and validation for starting materials, intermediates, API and dosage forms 

l  Sample testing and releasing

l  Analytical method transfer 

l  Cleaning validation

l  Forced degradation and stability testing

l  Analytical method development and validation for carry-over impurities and genotoxic impurities

l  Reference standard/ working standard qualification 

l  Impurity/degradant isolation, identification and characterization 

l  Dissolution and content uniformity

l  Document preparation for registration


Equipped with advanced analytical instruments:

HPLC-DAD/CAD/ELSD , LC-MS, GC-MS, Prep-LC, SFC, Stability chamber, Photostability chamber, Dissolution bath, Uv-vis spectrophotometry, Polarimeter,  Potentiometric Titrator, Laser Particle Size Analyzer. 





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